About us


Leanne Shea Rhem graduated from the Ontario College of Art and Design in 2011 with a Bachelor of Design. After studying Fibre in the Material Art and Design Program at OCAD U she went on to work in production and design for other small businesses in Toronto. In 2013 Leanne began collaborating with her now husband, abstract oil painter and graphic designer Zac Kenny. Together they formed a collective named Gold and Ginger which produced a series of collaborative animal illustrations.

Once this blonde and red head (hence the business name) started working together they couldn’t stop! What was once a little art collaboration became a full-fledged business, drawing inspiration from their original artwork. In the fall of 2014 Leanne registered Gold and Ginger as a business where she serves as owner, creative director, designer and producer full-time. The couple continues to make original artwork and design all the patterns for their line of textile accessories, housewares, one of a kind block printed apparel and stationery.

Major sources of inspiration include local flora and fauna, bright colours and pattern. Often designs will begin as a concept Leanne has envisioned, she then works with Zac to illustrate and paint all the patterns. She will then scan all images into the computer, edit and design the pattern which then gets sent off to Spoonflower in North Carolina, U.S for printing. Once the fabric gets shipped back to their studio Leanne pre-washes, dries and irons everything and begins cutting and sewing all of the items. Zac will often assist with finishing tasks like trimming seams and ironing or heat setting our block printed T-shirts. These two are passionate about making high quality textile goods people can use every day, items that put a smile on your face and are made to last. This creative duo is based out of their home studio in beautiful Picton, Prince Edward County which is open by appointment so send them a note if you’d like to pop by or visit them at one of the many craft sales they attend every year.